Take implementation off your plate



You’re a marketing agency, a UX consultancy or a strategy consultancy and you’ve developed an engagement strategy for your client. Now it’s time to implement it. You don’t have the skills in-house to implement Salesforce and have no interest in being in the Salesforce business.

You know you need an implementation partner that understands your client’s needs, and appreciates the vision that you have established for them, and helps you bring it to life.

You need someone who doesn’t just technical expertise with Salesforce, but understands all the intangibles that are critical for a successful project––like how to build trust with the client, how to manage a project, and how to assess trade offs. We understand what items are critical to the project and which are not, when to call in leadership and when keep moving forward, how to understand the multiple (often competing priorities) client priorities and manage multiple stakeholders.

We can work as closely with your team or as independently as you wish.

We know that when you hire an implementation partner you are putting your reputation in their hands. We take that responsibility very seriously.

How We Help You Succeed with Salesforce

  • We work with you and your client to understand the strategy you’ve created, and the fastest path to getting it implemented.
  • We implement everything, often using standard “out of the box” features to configure Salesforce to your client’s exact requirements with (minimal custom coding).
  • We train the client on the technical parts and the right way to manage the system, so when we’re gone they can continue to flourish.

Show me how


“When we brought Shea in, it was night and day.”

“We were pitching a lot of value and asking for a lot of trust from our client. We needed someone who could bring clarity and rigorous client management to a very challenging project.”

Shaun Gummere, former Chief Design Officer, Story+Structure (now with Cantina Consulting)