Scaling Up Excellence

On February 4, Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao’s new book Scaling Up Excellence was released. The book is all about spreading success. How to take the excellence displayed by an individual, a team, a project, a business unit and enable more people inside and outside of the organization to achieve a similar level of success.

When I first heard about the book, I wasn’t sure how applicable it would be to my work. I’m an independent consultant that works with technology organizations, often IT departments in large corporations. I thought this would be a book geared towards CEOs and startup founders: people that were trying to make their organizations bigger. But I quickly realized that scaling up excellence is part of my work, too. When I help organizations adopt best practices, I’m trying to help them scale excellence. When I help an organization take a successful project and repeat that success on other projects, that’s scaling up excellence, too.

In the business and non-profit worlds, scaling up excellence needs to be done constantly on a large scale and a small scale. In fact, in the new world of work I’d argue that scaling up excellence is now everyone’s core job description. This book helped me think about that opportunity in new ways. I bet it will help you, too.

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