Improve your Salesforce setup

We often hear leaders who are frustrated with their Salesforce application say things like:

  • “We’re not using Salesforce to its full potential.”
  • “Our team is wasting time in the technical details, not the activities that will move our organization forward.”
  • “Our Salesforce application feels way too complicated.”

Whether they hired a Salesforce consultant who didn’t deliver, or tried to configure Salesforce themselves and got overwhelmed, it doesn’t need to be so complicated.

Your organization doesn’t need to struggle with Salesforce. It can be a tool that helps you engage with your customers and achieve your goals. But Salesforce needs to be configured to fit your organization, and you need a process for how to use it.

Common challenges organizations have using Salesforce:

  • Many Salesforce applications have been configured incorrectly––they’re too complicated, but not tailored to fit the needs of the organization.
  • They don’t use the standard out of the box Salesforce features effectively, and instead rely on complex customization that makes the applications expensive, difficult to maintain and even more difficult to understand.
  • Organizations haven’t been shown a clear process for how to use Salesforce.

The result: Organizations feel chaotic and complicated.

Here’s what working with Salesforce should feel like:

  • You and your team have a tool that enables you to engage with customers.
  • Everyone on the team understands how your system works and there is a process you can trust.
  • You have clear data on your customer engagement activities so you know what is working and what isn’t.

How We Help You Succeed with Salesforce

  • We work with you to understand your business, your goals and where you’re struggling.
  • We identify what your business process should look like, and identify the fastest path to get there.
  • We implement everything, often using standard “out of the box” features to configure Salesforce to your exact requirements with (minimal custom coding).
  • We train your team on the technical parts and the right way to manage the system, so when we’re gone you continue to flourish.

Stop Struggling with Salesforce & Start Moving Your Organization Forward

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“Working with Shea has allowed us to be proactive about our marketing and take the guesswork out of what we do. When we can be proactive and strategic, we see a bottom line benefit.”

Dan Bellone, Director of Marketing
California State University, East Bay Continuing Education