“When we brought Shea in, it was night and day.”

Client: Shaun Gummere, former Chief Design Officer, Story+Structure (now with Cantina Consulting)

“We were pitching a lot of value and asking for a lot of trust from our client. We needed a partner who could bring clarity and rigorous client management to a very challenging project.”


Story+Structure was working on a Salesforce implementation with one of its clients and needed to bring in a consultant with strategic marketing experience and a strong background in Salesforce to lend expertise to the project.

In the past, the client had worked with a couple of Salesforce consultants, but had not found the right fit. Story+Structure needed someone who could do more than just basic Salesforce implementation — they needed a strategic partner who could help their client create an outstanding experience for external and internal audiences alike, gather useful data to assess performance and build credibility with their client quickly.


Our goal in working with Story+Structure on this Salesforce implementation was to develop reporting suite the client could use to gather and use data and automated their customer engagement process. Since the client had worked with a couple of Salesforce consultants that were not able to provide the necessary expertise, we knew our approach needed to quickly close the gap in trust with the client and design an achievable plan to help them get where they wanted to go.

“Shea came in with an extremely clear communication process, provided necessary documentation, broke the problem down and jumped in to work with the client,” Gummere said.


We quickly learned that in addition to the technical problem that needed to be solved, we also faced a reporting challenge. The client wanted to to be able to gather useful data from Salesforce and use it to help their organization make better business decisions.

We designed a strategy that enabled the client to gather the data they needed, while also streamlining and automating their business processes.

“Having accurate reports allowed our client to justify their marketing spend and make proactive business decisions that they could not make before,” Gummere said.

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