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Client: Dan Bellone, Director of Marketing
California State University, East Bay Continuing Education


In his role as Director of Marketing in higher education, Dan Bellone knew Salesforce had the potential to do so much more than simply accept online inquiries for university programs. After doing a major website overhaul, adding a shopping cart, and establishing a CRM system communication still felt fractured.

“Our department was the first on campus to fully use a CRM system,” Bellone said. “Our goal was to use Salesforce to promote all 40 of our programs and communicate with current and prospective students in a strategic way. Until Shea came along, we worked with a number of Salesforce vendors who struggled to solve this problem.”

Leading a revenue generating center for the university, Bellone knew there was tremendous opportunity for growth by harnessing the power of Salesforce. To use it strategically, he needed an overarching strategy for the continuing education program as a whole, as well as a plan for creating funnels for each individual program.


We started by clearly defining the core business principles and identifying what the client hoped to achieve. This helped us determine what type of reporting Dan and his team needed to produce.

“The first indication that I’d made a good choice in hiring Shea was when Brian started asking questions. He really wanted to understand how our business functions before diving in and suggesting a solution,” Bellone said. “By knowing what our objectives and goals are, we were able to create a streamlined communication process to get prospective students what they need in a timely manner, making the path to enrollment clear and easy.”

We believe in the philosophy of human centered design. The reason we ask a lot of questions at the start of any new client relationship is because Salesforce strategy is not a one-size-fits-all thing. Our goal is to make the technology work for the people using it, not the other way around. And once we clearly understood how Dan and his team intended to use Salesforce, we were able to create a strategy and reporting structure that were aligned with their greater business goals.


By systematizing their enrollment processes and reporting, we helped California State University, East Bay to clearly see where their engagement funnels were effective and where they could be improved. We designed a strategy that will help Dan and his team launch engagement funnels for all 40 programs. This approach allows them to know where prospects are in the pipeline at any given time and to better understand where and when prospects are hesitating during the enrollment process.

“Before bringing Shea onboard, we had the tools to communicate with current and prospective students, but we weren’t using them effectively,” Bellone said.

When we can take the guesswork out of our client’s marketing and replace it with reliable data, they can make better business decisions. This is our ultimate goal.

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