One of the lessons that I learned from my days working with big, global companies is this:

Let the Salespeople Sell, Let the Recruiters Recruit…

The global brands that we admire make sure that their salespeople can focus on selling, rather than tedious administrative tasks. These companies are relentless at eliminating repetitive, manual work from their salespeople’s schedules. For instance, they make sure their salespeople don’t need to do the following tasks:

  • boilerplate follow-up emails (“I just wanted to follow-up…”)
  • tracking client history
  • periodically sending new offers and services to past clients.

While these types of repetitive tasks are critically important to an organization’s success (they can dramatically improve conversion rates), they can suck up all of a salesperson’s time. So companies have built the processes, systems, and tools that eliminate repetitive tasks from their salespeople’s plates. Now, salespeople can focus¬†all¬†their time on the most important lead generation and sales efforts: the research and the conversations that only a great salesperson and recruiters can do.